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Be a Hero for a Day

'Be a Hero for a Day' is an initiative of Stefaan Engels aka 'MarathonMan'. Stefaan is a 49-year-old from Ghent, Belgium, who enjoys life and is fanatic about sports. After a successful career as creator in design of exhibitions Stefaan became a coach and sports professional behind a number of major sports activity promotions in Europe.
But Stefaan wanted more. That is why he is putting his own body to the test. Setting records, getting media attention and being an inspiration and motivation to other people. The first time was in 2008, when he completed 20 long-distance triathlons and made the Guinness Book of Records. In 2010 Stefaan ran a marathon every single day.

'Be a Hero for a Day' is the sequel of Stefaan's successful marathon campaign. With this initiative MarathonMan is looking for 365 people that want to run a marathon between January 1 2013 and December 31 2013.
Every day, one person gets the opportunity to run a marathon at the Watersportbaan in Ghent. The marathon runner will be the 'hero of the day' and stands in the center of attention.
The purpose is also to mobilize people who join the marathon runner. This way, Stefaan hopes to achieve the 'Forrest Gump' effect again (hundreds of people run behind the runner).

suAzio's CEO, Christophe Van der Linden, decided to answer the challenge. With his participation Christophe want to put suAzio's charity in Ecuador in the center of attention.
The funds raised by Christophe's participation will be used to finance a second medical center in the agricultural area of Limoncito; literally in the 'middle of nowhere'. His goal is to raise 5,000 euro, which will be matched by suAzio to bring the total on 10,000 euro; exactly the amount needed to found the second center.

Gifts can be donated directly to Eslabon Social to suAzio's charity paypall account,
Gifts over 100 euro/USD receive an invoice.

suAzio and all its employees support Christophe in his attempt and hope to add 'Be a Hero for a Day' to an already impressive suAzio charity heritage (company participation in Antwerp 10 miles, climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro ...). 

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