Applying NPS to ourselves: suAzio receives high grades from its customers

At suAzio we believe in collaboration and long term relationships in order to ensure successful outcomes. To make sure we are on the right path we do not only communicate with our clients along the way, but also ask for anonymous feedback at the end of each project. We’re very happy to come to an NPS score of 70% for the last 12 months. More importantly, we can see some elements coming back across several comments: fast delivery, pleasant collaboration and high quality outcomes. Below some quotes from our customers on why they would recommend suAzio:

  • The team provided excellent service which included working very hard to meet tight deadlines.
  • Strategic, global, advanced methods, high domain knowledge on medical devices.
  • We have always had a very positive, professional experience with the suAzio team.
  • Final product was exactly what was needed. Communication was great, quality was high, and turnaround was fast.
  • Prepared on the subject, always on time, pro-active, pleasant people.

We are truly excited with this feedback and will keep striving to exceed expectations!

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